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Guide to Selling Motorcycles on Craigslist

After years of observing attempted sales on Craigslist, I have been able to compile a list of critical considerations to help you quickly sell your used motorcycle on the worlds largest FREE marketplace.  So here it is, a TOP TEN List of tips to help exchange your motorcycle for cash.


1.  Motorcycles Increase in Value – ever been to a vintage motorcycle show?  If you have, you would know that motorcycles triple in value.  Now is the best time to buy one, while they are CHEAP!


2  Kelly Blue Book is Wrong – you know what your damn bike is worth, not some damn nerd with a book.  Never listen to anyone that writes books for a living.  If you DON’T know what your bike is worth, look at other similar bikes on Craigslist – they DO KNOW what their bike is worth, otherwise they would not be asking that price for it – especially the ones that are listed for months – they are standing FIRM on price because they KNOW what it is worth.

3. Farkles add value – we all know that adding stuff to your bike adds value.  It may have been a nice bike when it left the factory, but now it is an AWESOME bike with the American flag bracket, BillBoard LEDs, and Ear-Crusher StraightPipes.  Not only do your farkles add the value you paid for them, your time to install them is worth Big Bucks too.  Always figure in:  What you paid+shipping+and hourly rate equivalent to a certified mechanic.

4.  Use keywords and phrases to sell – you would never know it, but fancy keywords and phrases really do work to get the most money for your bike.  Be sure to use phrases like:  “Never seen rain” |  “Barely broken in”  |  “Never been down” | “Never raced”  | “Pussy Magnet”  |  “Real head-turner” | “Never ridden below 75 degrees”  |  “Rare”  |  “Custom Factory Chopper”  Using phrases like these will sell your bike faster than anything else.

cl-ad45.  Stand your ground – don’t be intimidated by folks offering what they call a “fair price”, they are all liars trying to cheat you out of your money.  You should always be upset because they are STEALING from you.   They just insulted your manhood by offering you less than you were asking.  You might even consider hunting them down for an ass beating, teach these crooks a lesson.

6.  Don’t take pictures – everybody knows what your bike should look like, and if they don’t, you can send them some pictures if they ask for them.

7.  Be cryptic in the description – everyone loves a mystery, so the less description, the better.  Make them come check it out, so you can close the deal (or assault them if they offer less)



8.  Post several ads every day –  if you want to rise to the top, always post several ads every day so you can beat those other idiots by selling your bike first.

9.   Sending pictures – never post pictures in the ad (#6 above), but be ready to send pictures when asked, even if you have to take the pictures in the middle of the night.  Use your phone to take the pictures, turn off the flash, and smear ear-wax on the lens so nobody can see the bike unless they come to look at it.  Trust me, the suspense will drive them to your garage.


cl10.  Never tell the truth – if you want to sell your bike, never tell the truth.  Bait buyers with promises of extremely desirable bikes at giveaway prices, and switch them to your bike.  Never tell them what is wrong with your bike, or what has happened to them.  Bad things are never good to reveal to a buyer.  In short, lie.  Lie your ass off till that crap bike is out of your garage.  Once it is gone, it is THEIR problem, let them deal with the broken shit.  You got your money.