Dual Sport Riding

Weekend adventure illustrates two extremes

I love the video below because it illustrates well the two extremes of adventure motorcycles and gear. The whole idea of having a perfect bike for adventure is ludicrous, and hopefully after watching, you will agree. From my experience, there so often seems to be a reluctance to ride without proper tools (bike, gear, tents, […]

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How to Invest 5 Days You’ll Never Regret – Tellico Plains Dual Sport Ride

A few months back I decided it was time to plan a trip. And so I did. Well, actually “we” planned a trip. I called Mulley and bounced my idea off him. I think it was the next day I made a phone call and everything was planned. From then on it was just a matter […]

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Rolling thru Tellico………..in the woods

Many times have I ridden the backroads around Tellico, coming an going to somewhere else – beyond.  Always on the way to the mountains, or coming back –  Tellico always seemed to be the “portal” to another space – the mountains of Tennessee, or North Carolina.  I had always heard the dirt around the area […]

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