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Day 14 – Drama & Struggle Bus on California Pass

This might be hard on you?

The game.

It’s your game girl can anybody play?

Been a minute?

Trying to decipher the YouTube & Facebook code – thanks for your help!

Electric Motorcycle Pioneer – Ely Schless

A serendipitous meeting at Barber Vintage Festival led me to a quick interview with a fascinating few minutes with a true pioneer of EV motos, a builder and maker of motorcycles, and a very interesting guy.

Can Gymkhana Prevent Motorcycle Crashes?

That was the question I was asking myself while riding with my little brother on Sunday.  Since watching my older brother crash, and witnessing the recovery from the injuries, I had to ask myself – is Gymkhana effective at preventing crashes.  This is the video I made approach this topic – what do YOU think?

More Perils of Poseury

Another chapter in the The Perils Of Poseury – Preventing The Pitfalls Of Pretense. Please read the first article while you re-examine your life.

Pinnacle Fire Lookout | Fire Lookouts in Alabama Ep. 2

CO road 331 in Shelby county reveal the second fire tower. The second episode of Fire Lookouts in Alabama – Moto Edition, considering whether to make this a series, or just do a few more, your input would be appreciated?

Rear Motorcycle Tire Slide | CSI: MOTO – Crash Scene Investigations

Investigation into how and why a rear motorcycle tire slide can cause a crash, as without two spinning tires, you have less or no steering. Sounds like common sense, but it is a bit trickier than that. I had more fun making this video, despite the fact I was making fun of my injured brother, it was a hoot trying a new format. I hope you enjoy the video.


Tail of the Dragon – US 129 – The Dragon – Deals Gap

Early morning ride across Deals Gap – The Dragon, May 31, 2019 before all the traffic descended upon this magnificent road. I would recommend anyone that rides a motorcycle make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once, just be prepared when you get there, it may be your last trip.

Moto-camping in Appalachians-Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Ride | Adventure Motorcycle Ride

Moto-camping in Appalachians around the Nantahala and Smoky Mountains. Camping off a motorcycle is not as easy when you go off-road.