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Crooked roads, creeks, cliffs, and Cricket’s

So the big goal for this Saturday was to ride, then finish the day at Cricket’s, which may, in my opinion be the best wings in Alabama, and perhaps the southeast.  Since the eating part was taken care of,  riding was the only real choice – and there looked to be a couple option.  Dual sport […]

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How to Invest 5 Days You’ll Never Regret – Tellico Plains Dual Sport Ride

A few months back I decided it was time to plan a trip. And so I did. Well, actually “we” planned a trip. I called Mulley and bounced my idea off him. I think it was the next day I made a phone call and everything was planned. From then on it was just a matter […]

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The Perils of Poseury – Preventing the pitfalls of pretense

The most widely accepted definitions of a poseur are typically descriptions of people pretending to be something they are not.  In the motorcycle world, the term is mostly used to describe anyone that dresses in the outfit, buys the bike, equipment, etc. but rides very little, if it all.  The problems come when the term is used […]

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X-Act Trackday Report

It was about 38 degrees over Munford at 7 AM when we arrived at TGPR, but I almost didn’t notice. The air temperature was warming rapidly and I was so excited to be at the track for the first time this season that the chill didn’t bother me at all. My buddy Tom Hancock and […]

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Rolling thru Tellico……… the woods

Many times have I ridden the backroads around Tellico, coming an going to somewhere else – beyond.  Always on the way to the mountains, or coming back –  Tellico always seemed to be the “portal” to another space – the mountains of Tennessee, or North Carolina.  I had always heard the dirt around the area […]

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The Double-Yellow Lesson

After riding last week with some new guys, and watching some common mistakes witnessed on some of the tight, twisty roads we were enjoying, I started wondering – Why are these guys making the same mistakes, over and over? – The answer seemed clear after some thought, and I wished I would have had the chance to […]

adventure riding Ride loops in Alabama riding

Ride to Davis Ferry – a motorcycle ferry tale, or How to Service a Battery

David Haynes (WRBS) has been talking about the Davis Ferry since the first time I met him over a year ago.  From the first time we talked about it, I expressed an interest – I always enjoy unique and interesting rides and destinations.  I believe there are only 3 ferries left operating in Alabama.  The […]