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« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2016, 10:56:40 AM »
Praying for Cameron and your family.

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« Reply #16 on: August 01, 2016, 11:16:46 AM »
Dang man, hate to see this. Hope he will be ok and all goes well!
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« Reply #17 on: August 01, 2016, 11:46:38 AM »
Prayers, Hopefully he will bounce back quickly.
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« Reply #18 on: August 01, 2016, 12:19:48 PM »
Cams feeling better, but still no feeling in leg, he is able to move it a little, but no weight on it like they want him too.
Ortho keeps telling him that he HAS to get up on crutches and move around, but with his back swollen up, he has a hard time.
No cast either! They told us that way he can get back into moving around quicker.
Bike is at a friends in Rome, GA and will be transported to my house end of week for insurance to see.

Thanks for all the prayers

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« Reply #19 on: August 01, 2016, 12:21:37 PM »
Hope your son recovers fast.  Lots if people are praying for him.

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« Reply #20 on: August 01, 2016, 02:16:48 PM »
 Keep us updated and let him know we are all praying for a speedy recovery.

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« Reply #21 on: August 01, 2016, 06:09:23 PM »
Man I hate to hear that. Hope your son recovers quickly.

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« Reply #22 on: August 01, 2016, 08:35:00 PM »
Updates today, not good news

Reposted from fb
On Saturday, July 30th,  Cameron was in a motorcycle accident.
He was life flighted to UT Knoxville.
He sustained severe injuries.

Transverse fractures of L1-L5
Lacerated spleen
Broken femur
Displaced hip which has been upgraded to rear pelvic fracture now.

But praise above, he is alive!

Some close friends (family to me) have setup accounts to help with costs while we are here with him.
Quote from them:
As many of you know Rob's son Cameron went down at the Gap Meet...  and is still in the hospital with a broken leg, fractured vertebra, & dislocated (or fractured) hip.

So we are going to take up an anonymous collection for him... you can send to my paypal ( anonymously or directly to him at  Please send as a gift to keep from charging fees...  Not doing a gofund me due to the excessive fees that they charge...

Anything would help...  "

Cam is awake and alert, but can't do much more than move his arms and head at this point.

He was wearing full protective leather gear. It saved his life!

I was behind him when it happened, and would never wish for anyone to witness that for someone they love.

So while we wait on more tests, results, and progress, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and keep the positive vibes coming!

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« Reply #23 on: August 01, 2016, 08:42:08 PM »
That's terrible, I'm sorry you're going through this. Can we do anything locally for you?

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« Reply #24 on: August 01, 2016, 11:17:58 PM »
Thanks for listing a PayPal. Still hoping for a good recovery.

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« Reply #25 on: August 02, 2016, 06:47:10 AM »
Will know more today. We are staying in Knoxville, just down the road.
Thanks for the prayers and support

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« Reply #26 on: August 02, 2016, 11:17:33 AM »
Prayers up for fast recovery

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« Reply #27 on: August 02, 2016, 01:41:53 PM »
Today is  little better. His swelling has subsided, but the pain level has increased.
They upped his dosage a bit to compensate for that.

He still has no range of motion, or feeling in his left leg when upright.
His so is a grade 3 laceration. (1-5 scale) and is on thinners to prevent clots sue to being immobile
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« Reply #28 on: August 03, 2016, 08:19:42 AM »

The good news is he sounds like he's going to make a full, albeit painful, recovery. I'd imagine it was incredibly stressful on you, I'm sure it was a great comfort to him having you there with him when it happened.

Hope he heals fast and strong and is anxious to get back on the road.

I'm sending positive vibes his way.

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« Reply #29 on: August 03, 2016, 09:00:44 AM »
He's feeling better today, but the thinners and pain meds are making him nauseated. Ortho said surgical side of things looks solid, and sutures are healing well, minimal drainage. Cam says he has sharp pains still in his hip area. But overall his pain level is at a 4.  Hoping they will try and get him mobile today with pt, but no idea when.  If he can show them he can move around on crutches, they will consider signing off on discharge later in the week.  But they are not pushing him to actually get on them.