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« Reply #60 on: April 11, 2017, 09:01:49 PM »

But the experiences and memories are what make it all worth while.......

* Popping a wheelie through an intersection in Columbus, Ga. It was only later that JR told me there was a police car, sitting there at the intersection, waiting in the turn lane. I never saw him. If he saw me I guess he figured a) it wasn't worth the hassle or b) "that was pretty cool!"

* Eating "dinner" on a curb at a convenience store at 1:00 am in Key Largo because the Wendy's across the highway closed before their posted 1:00 am closing time. I joked that I rode 800 miles to eat a convenience store sandwich on a curb at 1:00 am in Key Largo.

* A very funny experience, prior to departure, on the Key West Tour Trolley. You had to be there....

* Some dude, solo, doing Pink Floyd stuff at Sparky's Landing restaurant at Key Colony Beach. And the dude did it really, really, REALLY good.

* Breakfast: Eggs with Toast. The three at our table all ordered Eggs with Toast.
It came with bacon or sausage and grits. But they don't have any grits. So we opt for hash browns instead.
Food arrives. No toast.
I ask. She said she forgot the toast. (Eggs with toast and you forget the toast? This ain't like trying to recite the preamble to The Constitution. It's Eggs. With toast. Kinda simple really...)
A few minutes later she brings the toast, which was more like just warm bread. She sits the plate of toast down, looks at Kevin (why Kevin??) and asks.... "Do you want toast too?"

* Busting 90+ mph after dark, in the rain, to catch up with the group. Then looking in the mirror to see waaayyyy back in the distance a flickering blue light. Thinking "Oh no..." and then a minute or so later, as the car drew closer, realizing it was just the Halogen headlights of a car flickering in the rain and in my mirror. They flickered blue in the distance but were white when it got closer. I exhaled.

*  JBMFT (quoting him as best I can remember his words) "Guys! Mentally I am fine. Really. Good. But my ass. It's dying."

* Stopping at the ValuJet Crash Memorial. Thinking about all those poor souls. Just another day. A trip. Somewhere.
"See you in a few hours."
"Call me when you get there."
"I hope I can catch a nap on this flight."
"Did I remember to turn off the TV???"
"Remember to bring the kids a surprise!'

And then pffttt. Things go bad wrong.


Thanks Glenn for making this happen and thanks to all who went for being part of another great ride experience!

* Disclaimer - The flickering blue light experience - that didn't really happen. I just made that up for dramatic effect.   :-X

I took a notion to relive the Key West trip this evening. What a great time it was. I laughed out loud about some of my memories above. In particular the "Eggs and Toast" thing, especially when she asked Kevin if he wanted toast too.

And JMBFT!......  "Guys! Mentally I am fine. Really. Good. But my ass. It's dying."

What a great trip that was!!

Rumor has it that 3 of those (including myself) who mae the Key West ride, plus two who were not in attendance, will be making a trip later this summer.
I ate on the waterfront in Key West. I got the hankerin' to eat on the water front somewhere else.

Hint: Lobster.

Still a few months away.

Stay tuned......  ;)

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« Reply #61 on: April 12, 2017, 03:41:23 PM »
It was a great trip. One of the many I have had the pleasure of taking with the BamaRides family. I hope to take many many more.

Lobster . Hmmmm.....
If it don't scare you, you ain't doing it right.

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« Reply #62 on: April 20, 2017, 01:51:07 PM »
Brian's facebook account of the trip popped up as a memory this morning. After sharing his post I started thinking about the trip again. So I read through the 10 pages of planning and 5 pages of the Ride Report.

It felt like we just got back home yesterday.

Cheers to the Gypsy Chickens in an Unholy Land and the visitors of that land.