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I'm starting a new game.  Here's the rules.

1.  Post a pic you took while out on a ride. 

2.  The object will be to guess where the pic was taken.  Therefore the pic must have some prominent landmark, structure or sign making it possible to guess where the pic was taken.  You can post a video instead of a pic if you want.

3.  The person who guesses gets to post the next pic.

4.  If no one guesses correctly within 48 hours then the person posting the pic can post a new pic after identifying the last one.  If this isn't done within 24 hours then the game is open to the first person who wishes to post a new picture.

I'll start it off with this pic:

I added a time limit to keep the game moving.

Nice Goat:
Looks like Forum, Arkansas


--- Quote from: Nice Goat on March 31, 2016, 06:37:20 PM ---Looks like Forum, Arkansas

--- End quote ---

You are correct.  I rode through there while at a scooter rally in Eureka Springs a couple of years ago.  Since I live near Huntsville, AL, I just had to take that pic. 

Now you get to post the next pic.

Nice Goat:
Okay, next pic...


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