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We have created a sign to be put out front of events. I know we had a good few people have trouble finding the Rally in the Valley in previous years. I made this and am donating it to Bama Rides for events. Look for it in North Alabama area.

Nice!  And with it able to shadow cast so well, you can also place a spotlight in front of it pointing up towards a wall or canvas and project it large scale!

The sign looks great, Griff!  It was nice to meet you and MrsGriff today.

Chuck A.:
It did look good out at the intersection of the road today. The pole guide wires behind it were in contrast just a little.

This sign is the reason that I didn't have to turn around and hunt down the fire station today.  It looked great and stood out at the side of the road.

Thanks for using your talents and equipment to make this.  It will be a great addition to bring attention to the forum.


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