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Track day, here I come.

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Back on December 11 I bought a Sportbike Track Time membership. They have published the 2016 schedule and I have purchased my first track day, which is on the opening weekend of the 2016 season at Barber. I decided to take a slow approach to this, so I only went for a singe day instead of doing the whole weekend. I'm hoping it's going to be one heck of a Sunday ride on March 20.
Now I just need to get my suspension upgrade parts in and figure out what tires I want to run. And figure out what trailer configuration to pick. Friggin' decisions.

Wish I could but I'll have to wait later in the year to square away the weak front fork, and get some leathers. and afford a set of tires to burn up (at least a rear as the ZRX is notorious for eating rear tires)

Took another step forward when the last of my gear arrived, so I'm now kitted up with suit, boots, and gloves. The trailer should be prepped by the end of the coming week. Yee haw.

I bet the VFR is a perfect bike for getting into track days. That fat power band is going to be awesome at barber's

Took delivery of my trailer yesterday. Got it from Trailer Store Plus in Northport. The guy I dealt with, Gary Snow, was great to deal with and had the prep work done ahead of the schedule he originally promised.

A closer view of the Baxley wheel chock (Sport chock model) and the Ancra tie down holes.

I'll be taking the bike in to Joe Hargrove for the DMR suspension upgrades (front cartridge and spring swap, rear shock replacement) to be done next week. Then it will be nothing but bouncing off the walls awaiting Sunday the 20th to hurry the frig up and get here!


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