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Author Topic: Venom MC stands review  (Read 525 times)

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Venom MC stands review
« on: December 08, 2015, 08:26:30 PM »
A member on the YZF boards recently got a great deal on these, and did a THOROUGH video review and breakdown of these stands. Thought I would pass it on here as well.

I am impressed with the TROLLEY feature option ( about $41 extra)

I recorded this a while back and just threw it toghether now. read my disclamier in the description please cause i get a little muddled up.if you are interested in the details click through the video. outline, i wanted stands. never like to pay much, i dont like the harbor frieght rears. they dont make a front. did some googling. these were the cheapest at , candadian based company that ships from buffalo new york. be sure to set the price in US dollars. with the exchange rate it made these stands really tempting. much so I bought a set in June for the R1.Prices:A rear in paddel or spools (your choice) $36front under fork style $36Pin head adapter add on $36Front PIn head stand $60BEST DEALa rear stand of your choice, a front stand with fork adapters AND pin head $97Free shipping for orders over $99 OR Flat rate $8 ALSO there is always AT least a 10% off coupon to be found online and they throw some in your order too in the box.Easy to communicate with in emails and phone. ship fast.These I am sure are chineese made, they are bolt together 1.25in tube 2mm wall. so not as big and beefy as others, but these prices are fantastic. there are other cheap stands out there, black widow comes to mind but these are better made than those. true i think a T rex (modern T rex they got nicer) is a better stand but more money unless you get the right sale. But these are a lot of stand for the money in any combination. Pluse they offer the trolley attachment which i show in the video. Which is very handy.1 set has been under my R1 for 6 months, bought another for the 600, thats been up 2 months. all is well. I think anyone would be happy with these who is not racer who will transport them every weekend and be going up and down all the time. not say it wouldnt be fine at a track day. just the bouncing around in truck or trailer coudl compormise the finsh, unlike galvanized ones and they are not as sturdy. but i put my R1 up and down on them since I got it every day, it lives on stands not sidestand. holding up greats.So at this price i dont think anyone has an excuse not to have at least a rear stand. But i would say go for the combo packackage. Having all the options is nice.