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CNC plasma cutting and Aluminum welding

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Need something cut out of metal? CNC plasma cutting is the cheapest, most effective way to cut shapes out of plate. We're able to cut out up to 1in thick plate in multiple shapes and sizes. Edge quality as good as saw cut. We can cut from just about any DXF file. Don't have a drawing file? We can do that for you as well. Drawing fees start at $35 and go up depending on the time and complexity needed. We can create DXF files from your picture files in order to cut out signs. Simple circles/squares/rectangles can be cut to your size without a drawing or drawing fee. We can send you an accurate quote from your DXF file. Here's our pricing:

Cutting Rates
16ga-5/16" $0.20 per inch
3/8"-1" $0.30 per inch
Pierce $0.25 per pierce

Material Rates per square inch steel
16 ga $0.02
11 ga 1/8" $0.05
0.188 3/16" $0.08
0.250 1/4" $0.11
0.3125 5/16" $0.12
.375 3/8" $0.15
.500 1/2" $0.18
.750 3/4" $0.35
1" $0.43

All material sold as cut. Dross removal available for an extra charge. Select Aluminum and Stainless available. Delivery available. Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless welding and machine work available.

Located in Gurley, AL.

Nice Goat:
Griff is a BR member in good standing, and he's a helluva technical wizard too.  If you need this kind of work done, you can trust that he'll do it right.

When I get my next dual sport, I might have you cut me a custom luggage rack!

I need to bring my CS to you for some saddlebag mounts

Thanks for the good words Glenn. I've also been working on some dual sport products as I get time and money to develop them. I'll be selling them through my currently unpublished webstore at some point. Carla, give me a shout when your ready and I'll work it into my schedule.

Here's some 1 in plate I cut the other day for some shop press plates.

I recently started a CBR900 powered single seat buggy project. I cut a lot of the tabs out for it the other day.

Started working on a firepit. I decided to cut out a tree in the side of it.

Finished the firepit I was working on in the other pictures.

I got it hi temp ceramic coated so we had to test it out today to see how it holds up. So far it's great but I haven't emptied the ashes out of the bottom and checked it yet.


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