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Author Topic: Slave seal/clutch line  (Read 360 times)

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Slave seal/clutch line
« on: September 28, 2015, 03:58:55 PM »
The clutch slave seal finally wore out so time to change, and did. 650 miles later reservoir almost empty so more work was clearly needed. Various theories, practices, urban legends etc led to getting a S.S. line since this was probably original 15 year old hose anyway, and a brake cyl hone. Thoughts were that the aluminum alloy cyl could have over time gotten "polished" in bore and the hose could be deteriorating and contaminating fluid with particles of crud. I VERY carefully & lightly honed cyl off of bike, held in a vice with masonite pads protecting it and much oil on baby hone stones. A hand drill was used for this at very low speed. The honing marks wouldn't photograph so you'll have to take my word that they're very fine but visible. The cyl had been cleaned/greased previously hoping to help limp along until new seal arrived as seen in a pic.
 After much cleaning, repeated spray with carb cleaner and gentle wiping out, time to assemble. Silicone grease was used to coat cyl bore and seal before assembly after recommendation from far more experienced folks than me. After attaching hose to cyl without piston but bolted to bike, removed cyl, then almost filled with DOT4, very gently installed piston and VERY slowly pushed to bottom of bore. This was done with the reservoir cover in place but not tight and EVERYTHING around the bars covered by plastic sheet and paper towels. This filling method virtually eliminates the need for bleeding the system on this bike. with a very small amount of fluid in the res to start with, all it took was filling res to proper level, covering and slowly pumping lever a few times. Works great on this bike.. Pics are all the parts/tools, and you can see the alternate universe the clutch line lives in and the electrics removed to get at it. Haven't ridden much since this but hoping all the work has paid off.
Note to self: Make sure you route the hose in front of the fork like it was, NOT behind it. D'oh.
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