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"Nowhere to be Ride".....in jeopardy.

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Al Goodwin:
 >:(....Well, I work September 10-29th >:(, then every weekend in October. :o

November brings questionable weather. ??? 

IF...IF this ride happens, it'll be November 11th or 18th....  SO, jot those dates onto your calendars, maybe we can get together.

Also, if this happens, the riding up in southern/middle Tennessee is great, but it' a long ride to get there.  The riding around Cullman and Morgan county Alabama is becoming more scarce.  So I was thinking about making this ride a Bankhead "dead-end tour"...all those roads we know that go nowhere, so we never ride'em....What's y'alls thoughts on that?

November works out better for me. Racing and Haunted House will be done.

I don't care where we ride, the dual sport doesn't get out much lately, so anywhere suits me.

Plan it and they will come. Or at least I will.

month of November penciled in  8)

I have my test (the PE) at the end of October so November should be good for me as well!!


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