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Choccolocco / Cheaha Dual-Sport Ride - Tuesday, 8/29


I plan to be at the Forest Service station at the intx. of US78 and AL281 tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/29) @ 9:30 to do some dual sporting around Choccolocco / Cheaha area. Nothing too gnarly or exciting...I haven't ridden that area and will be exploring dirt roads.

I'll be hauling the Husaberg there.


600-2 on the talladega side has some good trails and offshoots and they don't close the gates as often. 500 is a pretty well maintained gravel road with some good trails shooting off but it's hit or miss regarding which gates are closed when. Hopefully with deer season still being a few months off you'll have good luck.


You'll have to create a login, but this site does pretty well about describing the trails in the area.

I wound up taking 500 and going north. Most of the gates were closed off 500, but I found some much better stuff once I got out of the TNF. Cleberne Co. Rd. 224 was a blast...not so much a county road as a rocky jeep trail with a creek crossing.

Kept pushing northeast until I wound up at Highland Park for lunch. Mostly reversed the route back to the Ranger station...total of 140 miles.


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