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Blount/Jeff Co. Dual Sport Ride - Saturday 8/12

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We'll be dual sporting around the Jeff/Blount Co. line area this Saturday morning, August 12th, if anyone is interested.

Meet at the Hardee's in Warrior (280 Cane Creek Rd., just off the I-65 #282 exit)...be there @ 8:30 for breakfast if you want it, or 9:00 for KSU. I've got family obligations that afternoon, so should be done NLT @2p.

No gnarly terrain, just exploring.

If anyone wants to haul to my house and ride from there, let me know...or there's plenty of space at Hardee's to leave a vehicle.

PMing you a question on your plans my friend. 

Low chances of scattered rain tomorrow. Unless it's pouring at 8am, we're still on.

I'm in . Maybe it will rain a little tonight  and settle the dust.

I hope I didn't talk this up too much...mostly just checking out some old strip pit land, then a loop down House Rd. to the wooden bridge and checking out the Northern Beltline. Nothing too exciting,  but it's riding.  :)


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