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Wondering if anyone is thinking of a tire change party??!!

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James L:
My Front is basically slick on my RT, so I would rather pay someone in beer (or money, soda, etc.) to help change my tires.

I'm starting to not ride due to the condition. I haven't ordered new tires, yet, but will be doing so very soon.

James L

 Good idea, we have not had one of those in awhile.  ;)
Go ahead and buy the tire. I am sure you will have folks willing to come out and even a few who will be willing to help.  :D

My next off night is this coming Thursday (8/3)...I can do one then. You're welcome to have the tire shipped here and ride over that evening if you want.


James L:
I'll probably will order both tires. I like to replace both as the same time. I have no idea how old the rear tire is (previous owner), so I think I'll change it as well . Mainly because I'm going to a different type of tire. Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT's, and it has Pilot road 3's on I think. I know they are not GT's.

EDIT: They are pilot road 4's, but not GT's. We 2 up the bike a lot, so i would like to have the stiff side wall for carrying 2 people.

James L

James L:
Not sure if I can get the tires here by Thursday......can try though.

James L


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