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gotta 20ish ton press ?

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I'm looking for a press to do a stem swap. it has to be fairly rigid or the stem turns into shrapnel.

all we're hoping to do is press out two stems, one from a kx250 triple, the other from a kdx triple. then I'll glue the one back together that I wanna keep ;-)

I'll pay you for the pleasure. not much, but I promise to bathe before arriving, that's the bonus !


20 Tons? Damn Son!

I have access to a 150 ton press at work.

I also have a 120 ton press. I'll be working tomorrow if you want to come by and play shoot me a text.  ;)

10 tons to push, 10 more for all the aluminum rust holding it together !

I'm gonna try and bug one of y'all this week. .. it would be sweet to have a new setup this weekend:-)


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