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Author Topic: Vintage Motorcycle Ride Tomorrow - Anticipate the Weather Call is a GO!  (Read 269 times)

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Hi, Everyone!

For any of you tracking my Vintage Rider updates, the Vintage riders are going from Huntsville to Lynchburg, TN tomorrow after our weekly (8 am) breakfast.  This is going to be a fun ride for any of you who've fenced time to participate.  While this ride is hosted by the Vintage Motorcycle Club, all bikes are welcome; just anticipate that our pace will be set to accommodate both vintage and smaller-displacement bikes.

The current weather forecast projects a 60% chance of "scattered" thundershowers.  But with a predicted high of 88, a little rain might be quite welcome!

Come join us at the Blue Plate Cafe II on South Parkway, and then ride to Lynchburg with us afterwards!  We'll roll out at 9:15 am!
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