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Author Topic: New Goldwing  (Read 316 times)

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New Goldwing
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:16:03 PM »
Apparently Yamaha/Star is not the only company introducing a new ginormous touring bike.

It will be interesting to see what Honda does with the new wing.

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Re: New Goldwing
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 04:18:16 PM »
Copied from the GL Forum

Honda History has been made
1 day ago

No other time in the History of the Goldwing, has Honda Corporation shown a new version of a new Goldwing to the buying public.

To make this even more special, under 30 chosen few got to not only see the New Goldwing & F6B. But actually got invited to test ride the new bikes, at a secret location owned by Honda.

This was the only viewing & Test ride in the USA. (My friend was part of history)

The Consensus was overwhelming in the Positive.

Both bikes were rebuilt from the ground up.

Both bikes share the same engine.

The Flagship is a DCT 7 speed.(can be manually paddle shifted)

The F6B is a manual 6 speed transmission (Still a stripped down wing)

ECM (now a central computer) has different modes of operation. (I won't say how many)

Suspension also has different modes. (I won't say how many)

Engine is a totally new power plant. (That info was kept confidential).

All new bodywork.

LED Lighting front to rear.

80 pounds lighter.

Without getting to in depth about each and every item Honda has created in this all new bike.

I will say that to describe the look and features is in a word. "Radical"

Through the years everyone has had a list of things they wanted on a new Goldwing.

Well Honda has been listening, and put together a bike that should please everyone.

Well almost everyone,after all Goldwing owners are never satisfied no matter what you give them!!! (Sarcasm inserted)

I have a ton of information, But will not post it here for my own reasons. it's Honda's new bike.

I'll let them have the Honor of telling everyone exactly what is on both new redesigned bikes.

I decided to share this Important news here on "TheGLForum" Because it's where I call home, and where I have friends I wanted to share this information with.

I have asked the board Administrator to lock this thread.

I will not answer any questions period,or divulge any more about the new Goldwing than I already have.