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Not commuting to work for the past few days is starting to give me serious moto withdrawals. Judging by the forecast it's time to bite the bullet and buy some rain gear.

Anyone have any experience with Frogg Toggs? They look breathable and hopefully wouldn't be getting used very often. Amazon and ADV Rider both have very mixed reviews on them with regards to reliability and durability.

I'm not ready to buy an aerostitch yet but don't want to pay $60 for something that may not work more than a couple of times.

Any suggestions?

Frogg Toggs are great.  Much more breathable than any other rain gear I have owned and I've never had any leaks.  Cycle gear has it at a pretty good price.  It's also the only rain pants I have owned that I can put on over my boots without removing them.  I have had my Frogg Toggs for a couple of years but don't know about long term reliability.  I have heard that if you get Frogg Toggs not specifically made for motorcycling it won't last long in the winds generated by riding.

I’ve bought the cheaper Frogg Toggs at Wal-Mart and promptly burned a hole in the leg from the exhaust.  They were bad about billowing/puffing out when riding (I looked like the StayPuft Marshmallow Man)

I asked the same question on a VTX forum and on Facebook and had a few recommendations for Nelson Riggs and for Tour Master (and others who like their Frogg Toggs)

Most of the better quality will have a heat shield in the legs but most any will burn if you make contact so I’m just going to order something else online and try to be more careful.

One friend did recommend putting plastic shopping bags over your boots before slipping the pants on over them to keep the inside dry (if already raining).  Another suggesting putting bags over your socks and then down in your boots if water gets inside.

I've been riding every day for 9 weeks now, rain or shine.
The cycle gear frog toggs are great, not a leak yet and the reflective piping is a nice bonus.

I have two sets of rain gear for sale. I'm in ATL but could ship it over. both are tour master brand. I"m 6'1" and about 185lbs so usually Medium to Large gear. Both sets are designed to fit over riding gear, so cut large and easy to put on over boots. I have played with Frog Tog stuff in the past. Sometimes it depends upon which version you get and what bike you ride. if you ride a naked bike or ride faster and the stuff flaps around a lot (don't buy it too big) it will eventually wear holes in it or get small tears. But some seems to be more durable than others. I haven't looked into it in a long time. Here's what I have for sale:

Tour Master Sentinal waterproof/breathable (similar to goretex but without the high price tag) rain suit jacket and pants- yellow and black. Medium jacket and pants (sized to fit over my/your riding gear) Reflective parts. These are the nicer ones with Nomex on the inside of the pants legs so if you ride a bike with exposed pipes (Harleys) it wont' melt on the pipes. Only used a few times but have been packed along on rides many times. the jacket folds into an attached pouch, the pants have their own bag. MSRP $190 $100obo for jacket and pants

Tourmaster Defender rain suit. two piece rain suit, new with tags, size medium (again it's sized to fit over medium riding gear so it fits large). seam sealed waterproof material. $110 retail, sell for $75. yellow and black.

I could get photos of the stuff if you want to see it or just google it. I have a new rain suit (looks like it'll get a workout this weekend as I'm headed to Suches this weekend) so these were just extras and the Defender suit was for my wife but we sold her street bike and if it's raining she doesn't ride two up with me any more.


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