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My run in with a deer

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Just an update on my accident when I hit the deer going to work. Or I should say he hit me ,jumped a fence and hit me square in the head. It's been a little over four months now and I'm doing a lot better. Have gone back to work still have a little limp. Not one hundred percent but getting there . Have got to ride my bike some,not as much as I want. I repaired my bike while I was recovering. When the company I purchased my bobber parts from heard I crashed my bike and was going to have to buy new parts,sent me the parts for FREE all the parts I needed and some tee shirts and caps. Great people at this company  the name is BLUE COLLAR BOBBERS.  If you have a bobber project in mind check them out. Anyway be glad to get back on some group rides with yall. Thanks to everyone who commented about my accident and for all the thoughts and prayers see you soon . Donnie aka smiley.

Glad to hear you are recovering!

That is pretty awesome that Blue Collar Bobbers is taking care of you like that! Hard to find good companies anymore!

They are fantastic people have quality parts fast service and will always give you a discount on your purchase a good one.and will stand behind there stuff.

So good to hear, Donnie! I've been hoping you would post an update soon!

Good to hear.  Hope to see you on a ride soon!


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