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Anyone else have the new Yamaha FJ-9? Thoughts?

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Anyone else here have the new Yamaha FJ-9? What are your thoughts on it? Pros and Cons? I love it as far as power, speed, handling, etc. But aside from wishing my windshield was just a couple of inches wider and taller, my seat hurts my ass after a few miles. Abt 60 miles I have to get off and rest my ol' rear end. The seat has what, perhaps 1 1/2' of padding over a hard plastic frame? And it slopes slightly so that it forces you towards the tank, your underwear, etc, get all squenched up, etc and you more or less sit on your "taint". It is a tad better now that I have had the bike since May. But still bothers me a bit. I might invest in a good seat cover.

 Seat Concepts. $159.99 for the front seat, you install it. Or you can ship your seat to them and they will install it for a fee.!/Yamaha-FJ-09/p/50029003

 I have one on a 2003 Honda XR650L. Love it.

2nd that. Seat concepts on my Tenere, liking it a lot.

I have the air stapler to install it if you go this route,

I have a Seat Concepts on My DRZ. I bought a second seat off ebay. Had it shipped directly to Seat Concepts and he installed the cover for $20.

I'm a big boy and it's held up well for me. Although I would get the firm option if I was to do it again. I don't think it was available back then. He was still building them in his garage when I bought mine.

I have the Seat Concepts on my Yamaha WR250R. I can do 3-4 hours no problem, not bad for a dual sport (stock seat was less than a hour and it was uncomfortable) . It's much better than the Corbin I installed on my ninja 300, and cheaper too!


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