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Crash claims the life of well-known competitive Chattanooga motorcyclist


Races motorcycles and dies driving a dumptruck.


 Damn! Sounds like his brakes went out on the truck.

At 3am on a straight stretch of road, with no indication of braking...I'd be inclined to say he probably fell asleep.

Unfortunate to hear.  :-\

Brian A:
I remember him racing at TGPR in the late 80's. I was doing the WERA racing thing for a few years.
He was always one of the fast guys.

A friend of a friend of mine on FB shared a very cool story about the great extent to which Rentzell went to lend a the fella - rookie/noob at the time - a bunch of unsolicited support and advice. I don't recall ever having met Rentzell, but after reading the story, I have to believe he was a very nice, respectful and general all-around good guy.


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