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I got a Scorpion Evo AT950 last year. It's an adventure style helmet, but is also modular. I absolutely love it!!  But just as I was arriving at Pearl River Resort Saturday afternoon the side screw that holds the visor and face shield in place fell off. While facing rain on and off the whole way home on Sundays ride back to Daphne I took the visor off and rigged the shield. It worked until I got about 30-40 miles from home. I hit a bad rain in Stockton and while trying to wipe the rain off the shield it fell off in the middle of the road. So I just had to tough out the rain hitting me in the face.

Anyways, I emailed them today asking about replacing the face shield and side screw under warranty. They responded within 30 minutes asking for basic info. Got another reply less than five minutes later saying they would get replacement parts out ASAP. I thought that was incredibly fast and hassle free. Thought I would share this with you guys. I highly recommend this helmet, and Scorpion as a brand who stands behind their product.

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That's great. I've had two warranty replacements with Scorpion. I broke the shield retaining clips by dropping a helmet. I called them and they covered my mistake through warranty. The second claim was on them. A waterproof liner from a jacket started tearing at the seam. Instead of sending me a new liner, they sent an entire new jacket. That was extremely nice of them and unexpected.

Had a Scorpion 700?? for years. I just relegated it to my spare. I still love it and never had a minutes' problem. It was comfy, quiet and airy.

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I had all of that happen with my scorpion. It rolled off the seat in restaurant and all little bits holding on the visor scattered across the floor and I rode home with rain smacking my face. I actually replace that stuff twice during the time I wore that helmet. Posted this before when I was looking for a new helmet. It was a wreck by the time I quit using it.

I love Scorpion gear. Period. Helmet. Jacket. Pants. None of it has ever failed me. Good mid range price, too.


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