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Author Topic: Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for May 20, 2017  (Read 337 times)

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Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for May 20, 2017
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:13:22 PM »
Greetings, Everyone!

At last, I have re-emerged from a very short-notice house remodeling project.  It's great to be back to normal, with the time to publish Rench's Rap!

Word from RJ is that Barber Historics on May 19th-21st was a great experience.  Crowds were light, but all who participated had a great time.

Others of the group were at Deal's Gap for the 2-Stroke Rally.  No doubt, it was a great time, smokin' up the Smokies.

Here are our upcoming events:

May 27-28:  Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club's Annual 24-Hour Off-Road Endurance Race, Maplevale, AL  Al Goodwin and several others will be competing in this event.

May 27-28:  Ton Up British Motorcycle Rally, Nashville, TN  Sean Naylor and others are planning to attend.

May 27th:  Regular breakfast for those still in town for the Memorial Day weekend...Anybody want to put out ride invitation?

June 10th:  "Meet in the Middle" Gathering in Chattanooga.  We'll ride from the Blue Plate II parking lot to Nikki's Drive-In in Chattanooga.  There, at noon, we'll link up with our Vintage Motorcycle Club colleagues from parts far and wide.   After lunch, we'll (tentatively) participate in a scenic ride, then peel off to return to Huntsville/Athens in time for the flat track racing event in Athens.  We need a ride leader to take us to Nikki's Drive-In in Chattanooga. 

June 10th:  For anyone unable to travel to Chattanooga but looking for a riding opportunity, BamaRides is hosting a Gymkhana in Falkville.  This is a low-speed motorcycle handling course in which you can hone your cornering, turning, stopping and other skills on a controlled course.

June 10th:  Flat Track racing at the Sheriff's arena in Athens.  Please see the event poster that Tom Schuman posted on our Facebook page.  Currently, Tom Schuman and Frank Costeglia are planning to race.

Also, Sammy is tracking a motorcycle drag racing event going on over the June 10th weekend.  I found "Kings of Grudge" scheduled for June 10th at the Huntsville Dragway, along with a big, all-bikes drag racing weekend scheduled for July 28-30.  If you want more information about motorcycle drag racing on June 10th, please PM Sammy on Facebook to get the information you need.

June 17th:  We'll do our monthly Garage Crawl.  This time, we're heading out to H&L Cycle Shop in Hazel Green, where owner Henry and Lead Mechanic Toby will give us a shop tour.  They specialize in Vintage Harleys, and always have a shop full of projects.  It's a really fun place to visit, and I know this will be a blast.

June 23-4:  British in the Blue Ridge Rally in Hiawasee, GA at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds.  Frank, Sean and others are planning to attend.

Hope all of you have a great week, and I'm looking forward to photos on Facebook [and BamaRides!] from all this week's ride-in gatherings!

See you on the road!
Live to Ride...or Die Tryin'!