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Nicky Hayden passes on after a bicycle accident in Italy

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Way too soon for him to leave us. He had plenty of miles left in him.

So sad to hear this. :(  At least he seemed to have made the most of the time he had.


We lost one of the best that America has to offer today.

I've been sad ever since the wreck. This is horrible. I don't get emotional when celebrities die, I don't know them. However Nicky wasn't a celebrity, sure he was famous but he was much more. He was a champion's champion on and off the track. He was the Kentucky Kid.

We'll miss you Nicky.

^^^Same here.

I have found myself welling up with emotion several times today. I never met him personally, but you could tell when seeing him during interviews, etc. that he wasn't a world superstar in his mind, but just a genuine, gentlemanly southern kid...

Unlike the self-absorbed jackass athletes that seem to gain higher "role model" status each time they're arrested or throw a public tantrum.

I guess it's part sadness, and part frustration in watching a good guy (and good family) lose it all while there are bad guys that would seem to be much more deserving.  >:(

I guess sometimes, His plan is not meant to be understood.


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