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Author Topic: Royal Enfield Review  (Read 417 times)

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Royal Enfield Review
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:33:49 PM »
Yes, I know this is not a vintage bike, but it quite didn't fit the cruiser aspect in my mind. We just got in a 2015 Royal Enfield Classic 500 with only 1946 miles, so I decided to take it for a quick spin.

Being a single cylinder 500, this bike reminded me a lot of my first thumper (a 1990 Yamaha xt 350). The vibration is unique, but nothing to complain about. It really gives it a vintage feel. The fuel injection is a great improvement from the older models. Smooth shifting and very easy to control, this bike would be perfect for a learner, a commuter, or just someone wanting another beautiful bike to keep in the garage. Back roads, down town, or city streets this bike is for sure one that handles like a dream.

This particular bike was outfitted with some more aggressive knobby tires, rather than the street tires that come stock. I tell you what, once you get use to the knobbies, you feel like you can climb the tallest mountainside or scale the side of a building. I could not help but smile. I wanted to hit the nearest gravel/dirt road and impress the wild animals. The engine has just been broken in and it really makes a difference. Most of the standard vibration people talk about (which is natural) dissipated and is barely noticeable (outside of the tire vibration). The bike has a very natural feel and you cant help but feel like a kid on your first bike.

The bike still has that vintage look, but has all the upgrades you would need on a new bike. EFI, Fuel warning light, electric start + kick start....the list goes on. This bike also has an aluminum skid plate, pannier racks, and a rear luggage rack. Steve is lucky I brought the bike back to the store and I didn't run off into the sunset.

If you want to see it for yourself, swing by Allsport. It is sitting out front. We have other models available. This one is sure to impress. If you cant swing by, check out the picture below!