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Author Topic: Vintage Rider News-Rench's Rap for April 29th, 2017  (Read 175 times)

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Vintage Rider News-Rench's Rap for April 29th, 2017
« on: May 02, 2017, 09:06:15 PM »
Hey, Everyone!

The Athens Car and BIKE Show turned out to be an outstanding experience!  Several of the bike show entrants won prizes, and two of the North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club won recognition prizes for their bikes!  Here are a few photos:

Riders arrive and park throughout the early morning
Bikes on Display by

Chatting it up with spectators

. by

The population of show bikes continues to grow

NAVMC Bikes 2 by

Seth shows off Allsport's Royal Enfield selection

. by

The whole block eventually filled with bikes, along with display tents from both the Christian Motorcyclists Association and the North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club

Bike Show by

Unfortunately, the weather washed out the NAVMC BBQ at RJ's place on Sunday, but plans for a rain date are already in the making.

We're now entering our Summer season, which includes lots of events and riding opportunities, but fewer scheduled events for the club.  Below is what I'm tracking for the next six weeks, along with the attached Recurring Events list.

May 6th:  Regular breakfast.  No special activities planned.  No other special activities on the calendar, either.

May 13th:  Garage Crawl to Byron Tidwell's shop to see the place where his awesome bikes come from.  The plan is to meet for breakfast as usual, and then follow Byron from Blue Plate II to his shop.  We'll leave the Blue Plate at 9:30 am.

May 19th-21st:  Barber Historics.  RJ is participating.  Contact him thru Facebook if you're interested in joining him for this event.

May 20th:  Regular breakfast at Blue Plate II.

May 21-28:  Deal's Gap Two-Stroke Meet

May 27-28:  Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club's Annual 24-Hour Off-Road Endurance Race, Maplevale, AL

May 27-28:  Ton Up British Motorcycle Rally, Nashville, TN

May 27th:  Regular breakfast for those still in town for the Memorial Day weekend

June 10th:  "Meet in the Middle" Gathering in Chattanooga.  More details are forthcoming. 

June 10th:  Flat Track racing at the Sheriff's arena in Athens.  Please see the event poster that Tom Schuman posted on our Facebook page.

Let's ride!  See you on the road!
Live to Ride...or Die Tryin'!