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Author Topic: Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 22nd, 2017  (Read 175 times)

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Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 22nd, 2017
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:51:27 PM »
Hi, Everyone!  Here's my weekly copy/paste of this week's North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club newsletter:

I'm glad many of you enjoyed breakfast together at the Blue Plate II last Saturday.  I couldn't make it, but RJ and Facebook are keeping me up-to-date.  Here are our upcoming events:

April 29th:  Athens Bike Show!  This is the first of our two "pack the house" events for this year (the second is Barber in the fall).  I published the details in last week's special edition.  If any of you need a re-send, please let me know.  See you in Athens!

April 30th:  BBQ Bash at RJ's.  We'll kick the morning off with a CMA worship opportunity led by Huntsville Chapter Chaplain Dianna Holtz.  Afterward, and throughout the event, both she and her husband Rick will bless bikes.  Following the worship opportunity, Ride Leaders Al Goodwin (Dual Sport) and Frank Coseglia (Street) will marshal participants for a couple of hours of sightseeing and riding fun.  Then we'll all gather up for lunch and an afternoon of fun and fellowship.  Main dishes and eating ware are provided (donations accepted), and we should bring some kind of side dish or dessert.

Then...We all take a deep breath!

May 6th:  Regular breakfast.  No special activities planned.  No other special activities on the calendar, either.

May 13th:  Garage Crawl to Byron Tidwell's shop to see the place where his awesome bikes come from.  The plan is to meet for breakfast as usual, and then follow Byron from Blue Plate II to his shop.

May 19th-21st:  Barber Historics.  RJ is participating.  Contact him thru Facebook if you're interested in being part of the event.

May 20th:  Regular breakfast at Blue Plate II.

May 21-28:  Deal's Gap Two-Stroke Meet

May 27-28:  Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club's Annual 24-Hour Off-Road Endurance Race, Maplevale, AL

May 27-28:  Ton Up British Motorcycle Rally, Nashville, TN (maybe someone at breakfast knows more about the event?

May 27th:  Regular breakfast for those still in town for the Memorial Day weekend

June 10th:  "Meet in the Middle" Gathering in Chattanooga.  We need a ride leader for this event.  I don't know where the linkup is to take place, nor who the Chattanooga POC is.  So if anyone can share details, please Reply To All! 

June 10th:  Flat Track racing at the Sheriff's arena in Athens.  Please see the event poster that Tom Schuman posted on our Facebook page.

The Marshall Tucker Band has a song entitled, "Anywhere the Wind Blows Rider."  As you can see, we'll have some opportunities in the next 4~6 weeks to live this song, grab a few buddies after breakfast and take a ride wherever the wind is blowing...

See you on the road, and in Athens next Saturday!
Live to Ride...or Die Tryin'!