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Author Topic: Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 15th, 2017  (Read 184 times)

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Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 15th, 2017
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:04:27 PM »
Hey,Everyone!  Here's this week's copy/paste of our NAVMC Weekly Newsletter.  Hope you find it useful!

Hello, Everyone!  I hope all of you had a happy Easter.

Though our gathering was a smaller group than usual last Saturday, we had a very informative discussion and got some valuable training from Captain Bruce Swanson of Huntsville Fire and Rescue.  We discussed the value of good clothing and riding gear, the value of basic first aid kits, and procedures for treating critical wounds.

Critical Steps to Address an Injury:

- Secure yourself first.  Don't jump out into traffic to rescue a buddy without ensuring your own safety first.

- Get the injured rider out of danger as quickly as possible.  If you must, get your arms under the injured rider's armpits, cradle his/her head in your arms and drag the rider out of danger to a place of safety.

- Apply direct pressure over an open wound to slow or stop bleeding.

- Talk to the injured rider to assess his/her alertness and the possibility of severe head injury.

- As soon as you have taken immediate steps to treat the injured rider, dial 911 and get help on the way.  Bear in mind that the 911 operator will likely keep you on the phone for some time as they try to assess the injuries and provide you with emergency treatment instructions.

Beginning this fall, Huntsville Fire and Rescue will begin teaching Hands-Only CPR.  The training takes only about 15 minutes, and Sammy can help get us connected and scheduled to take it.

. by marc spencer, on Flickr

Upcoming Events:

22 April:  Two events (among many):

- Boys and Girls Clubs of (North) Alabama Benefit Poker Run and Bike Show in Decatur.  As all of you know, Madison Moto is committed to support this event, and has asked us to support as much as possible alongside.  Please see attached flyer.

- Real Fathers Making a Difference & Wheel Fix It 5th Annual Car & Bike Family Fest from noon to 5 pm at the Jaycees Fairgrounds in Huntsville.  This is another great benefit event, on the same day.

April 29th:  Athens Car and BIKE Show.  This is one of our "Pack The House" events for this year.  We got the site map this past week, showing where each of the different major events will take place.  We'll also be coordinating with our CMA partners, who will be doing traffic control for the Athens staff so we can arrange best possible processes to unload and load our showbikes.  Mike Long will be doing "Glamor Photos" of bikes and their owners as well.  I know all of you are following RJ's updates on Facebook, and I published a special edition of Rench's Rap for the bike show this morning.

See the Events category in Bamarides for the information, maps and routes for the Athens Car and Bike Show on the Square.

Please note RJ's special request on our Facebook page: 

"I will be asking NAVMC membership to share the promotional post that is presented on day 15 on their timeline. If you don't share I will understand. If you DO share I know that You understand ! This may be our best way to reach the greatest number of people, support the charities of Limestone County and promote Vintage Motorcycling in Our Area."
If you're able, please distribute RJ's 15 Day show announcement to all of your friends and "friends" (Facebook and other social media), encouraging them to join us in Athens on April 29th. 

That evening after the Bike Show, the Huntsville Chapter of the CMA will have a fundraiser movie night at Redstone Harley-Davidson at 7:30 pm.

April 30th:   RJ's NAVMC BBQ and Great-Time Get-Together.  We're going to have a great time at RJ's place, with food, music, and three different rides all going on at the same time!  Our friends from the Hunstville CMA "Forgiven Riders" chapter will provide a morning worship opportunity and will bless bikes, too.  Block your calendar and plan for a great day of fun and fellowship at RJ's!

May 13th:  NAVMC Garage Crawl to Byron Tidwell's Shop:  All of us who have seen Byron's amazing bikes know that this is a "don't miss" event coming up.  Mark your calendars and let's get ready to ride out to Byron's place!

May 21-28:  Deal's Gap Two-Stroke Meet

May 27-28:  Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club's Annual 24-Hour Off-Road Endurance Race, Maplevale, AL

Possible NAVMC Overnight Event:  Momentum is building to schedule an overnight getaway for a dirt/street weekend at Two Wheels of Suches in north Georgia (  After RJ's BBQ, our schedule is a little less hectic.  I'll post a poll at that time and see how many of you want to go ahead and lock this getaway into our calendar.  I'm open to any/all of your feedback between now and then, so don't hesitate to let me know your preferences.  We'll need to book early if we want access to any of the cabins or bunks. 

See you on the road!
Live to Ride...or Die Tryin'!