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Author Topic: Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 1st, 2017  (Read 233 times)

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Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 1st, 2017
« on: April 02, 2017, 07:57:33 PM »
BamaRides Vintage Motorcycling Fans, here's a copy/paste of my weekly newsletter for the North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club.  The reason for this share is to offer opportunities for us to link up and share activities whenever possible/desirable.  Therefore, I welcome your feedback and suggestions as well.  Enjoy!

--------------------------------------------------original newsletter-----------------------

Hi, Everyone!

As anticipated, the Volunteer Training at Barber Motorsports Museum was informative and enjoyable, and the opportunity to tour the museum and walk out onto one of the pedestrian bridges while hot laps were underway put the icing on the cake. 

What wasn't anticipated was the huge showing by NAVMC!  We packed three tables with participants!  Thanks to all who traveled and took part in the training!  We are now qualified to contribute to the activities of the museum housing the largest motorcycle collection in the world, as well as host to both national and international races!  NAVMC set (another) precedent yesterday!

Upcoming Activities:

April 6th:  VINTAGE-centric Bike Night at Sam's on the Decatur Beltline.  I went last month, and the turnout was fantastic.  There was a great time to be had whether inside mingling with the NAVMC family, or outside admiring all the bikes!  Weather-permitting, this month should be even better.

April 8th:  Garage Crawl to Shinerz Show Cars and Detailing Products showroom on S. Memorial Parkway, just north of University Drive.  I did try the hands-free motorcycle cleaner, and it worked well.  When I finally take time, I'll try out the detailing spray as well.  I'm sure it'll be just as good.  This is a great chance for us to see all of the detailing products they offer, and just in time for the upcoming Athens Car and Bike Show!

April 13th - 16th:  BamaRides Tax Avoidance and Pie Dual-Sport Getaway to Tellico Plains.  Currently, riders from throughout the area indicated they'll converge to take part in this event.  For more information, click on 

April 15th:  The Huntsville Fire Department will provide training to us in the Banquet Room of the Blue Plate II, in conjunction with our weekly breakfast at 8 am.  As you know, there have been three motorcyclists who have died in accidents within the Huntsville/Athens/Decatur triangle within the past week.  These tragedies remind us of the dangers of the sport we love, and provide good reason for us to refresh our knowledge of emergency medical procedures should one of our buddies or another accident victim need it!  A huge THANK YOU to Sammy Stetler for making this training event possible.

April 22nd:  Two events (among many):

- Real Fathers Making a Difference & Wheel Fix It 5th Annual Car & Bike Family Fest from noon to 5 pm at the Jaycees Fairgrounds in Huntsville.

- Boys and Girls Clubs of (North) Alabama Benefit Poker Run and Bike Show in Decatur.   

April 29th:  Athens Car and BIKE Show.  This is one of our "Pack The House" events for this year.  Flyers are forthcoming, along with site maps, etc.  Mike Long will be doing "Glamor Photos" of bikes and their owners, and our CMA partners will be with us as well.  I know all of you are following RJ's updates on Facebook, and I'll be publishing a special edition of Rench's Rap to showcase the event this week, too.

That evening, the Huntsville Chapter of the CMA will have a fundraiser movie night at Redstone Harley-Davidson at 7:30 pm, should any of you wish to attend.

April 30th:   RJ's NAVMC BBQ and Great-Time Get-Together.  This event needs little more promotion--it speaks for itself!  We're going to have a great time at RJ's place, with food, music, and three different rides all going on at the same time!  Our friends from the Hunstville CMA "Forgiven Riders" chapter will provide a morning worship opportunity and will bless bikes, too.  Block your calendar and plan for a great day of fun and fellowship at RJ's!


Possible NAVMC Overnight Event:  Back at the beginning of the year, responders to RJ's activities poll recommended both an overnight getaway of some kind, as well as a dirt riding event.  Our original response was the Bankhead/Double Springs dirt/street getaway July 14-16th.  However, early feedback from all of you suggests this either isn't the optimal time or the optimal location to do this.  Another recommendation on the table is to find another date, and plan a dirt/street getaway to Two Wheels of Suches in north Georgia instead (  I welcome your feedback if this is a better option for a getaway event for NAVMC.  I'm also seeking optimal dates.  Holiday weekends are sometimes best, but also require the longest lead time in order to confirm reservations.

I'll do a separate mailing this week specifically discussing the upcoming bike show.  Until then, safe riding, and let's keep those vintage bikes rolling!
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Re: Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 1st, 2017
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2017, 08:32:12 PM »
This is great.  You should post these here every week!
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Re: Vintage Rider News - Rench's Rap for April 1st, 2017
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2017, 11:10:16 PM »
This is great.  You should post these here every week!

I agree.  There's a lot of good info here.