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I recently made the jump from a cruiser to a naked standard. I had the regular crash bars on my cruiser, but now I'm easing into more unfamiliar territory with street bike protection. I've been looking at some of the frame, front axle, and bar end sliders by R&G. I've also seen some front axle sliders by Shogun.

So I have a multi-part question: First, which manufacturers should I be looking at? Second, is it necessary to get frame, front axle, and bar end sliders for street riding (i.e., not track)? Are there any other types (or manufacturers) of sliders I should be looking at instead of (or in addition to) the types I mentioned above?


Nice Goat:
What model bike do you have?  Have you tried to find crash bars for it?  Maybe try Twisted Throttle or Revzilla.   SW-Motech makes crash bars for lots of bike models.

As  Goat said , What bike ?  Have you considered race/speed rails or street cage? Street cage and race rails  have  seemed  to provide more protection for me in the past , than sliders.  If you plan on going down while moving put a cage or race rails  on, if your going to just kick your bike over in the driveway then frame sliders will offer some protection and if they are long enough to provide protection in a tip you could also use them for highway pegs.

I've got a Suzuki GSX-S1000. Although I don't intend on doing any kind of track riding in the near future, I would like something that offers decent protection. That being said, all I've seen (including on those sites mentioned above) are sliders/pucks.

There's a drawback to sliders that has racers of two minds. They are good if all the bike does is a slide on pavement, but once the pavement ends and the grass/dirt begins, they dig in and the bike cartwheels. They can also transfer the kinetic energy through to the mounting point, bending/warping it. Sliders are like everything else in life, no 100% "upside".


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