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Author Topic: I Bought an eBay Helmet and I'm not ashamed. (GLX Open Face with Built in Visor)  (Read 556 times)

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Alright, I'll admit it, I bought an Ebay Helmet.... . At first I was ashamed of it... But then I loved it.

I wanted an open face (or 3/4 helmet for those of you in the back of the class). and I didn't have alot to spend. I've got a really nice HJC Flip front full face for rain or the 7 days a year it's actually cold in Alabama, but i wanted something that i wouldn't sweat to death during the Summer (the other 361 days).

Anyway, I was perusing eBay which is pretty typical behavior for an old Suzuki owner. ( i know i'm not the only one) and I happened across this little gem, and at under 40 bucks i figured i'd give it a shot. I placed my order,and then i started researching the company.
Turns out it's a Company based out of California that imports helmets from China and sells them under it's own brand name.
I'm ok with that, atleast part of the money chain ends up here.
[TL:DR} The Company is not the devil.

The Helmet: When i first got it the first thing I did was put it on and walk into the other room and scare the old lady while she was washing dishes.
I've been wearing for about a month now, and besides the StAnK (my fault) I've decided I really like it. The best part though is the flip down visor, when its up it's out of the way and you can't tell its there. When it's down it provides good protection from rocks (i'll get to that) and the sun, i'm really happy with it, now I just carry clear ANSI Spec safety glass in case I get stuck out at night.
the plastic on the visor appears to be  hard enough to not scratch at the sight of flung gravel.  My first time out ( really, the universe hates me) I got attached by some loose stones falling from the tailgate of a dump truck and a couple rock chips hit the visor, It saved my eyes and I honestly cannot find the scratch.

Comfort 10/10
the Metal clasp on the chin strap doesn't rip hairs out of beard, the padding is soft and doesn't itch my head, and the fit is definitely meant for a Human.

Appearance 8/10
The finish is nice, I'm not sure if it's a paint or it's the actual plastic but the matte black is very even with no shiny spots. However since the shell appears to be injection molded in a 2 pc mold, there is a seam that runs down the center on the top that you can feel a very slight rise in when you run your finger across it. Maybe i'm nit-picking but its there.

Safety ?/10
Hope I never find out, but it's definitely better than the flea market "novelty" brain buckets that i see all the Harley Guys (read: Accountants & Dentists) wearing when they roll up to Courtyard 280. This helmet has an actual DOT Rating, not a DOT replacement sticker from eBay.

Value 10/10
I shopped around for quite a bit and I couldn't find a better value for the price.

Page for this helmet :
Company's About us page:

Pic with visor folded down.
"The Idea is to shift BEFORE the valves start floating"