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Freedom Powersports Huntsville, Alabama   


Update March 25, 2017

I stopped by Freedom Powersports yesterday and test rode a new BMW.
The dealership had a different fell than it had six months ago and I wold have no trouble purchasing a new BMW there this afternoon if I had the cash.

I hope the business owners see what you wrote and take appropriate action. 

I support you 100%.  Those extra agreements piss me off 1000%.
There's one rare dealer that understands that no means no.  One is in Florence beside the river.

If I were looking for a Honda I'd head to Chattanooga and Southern Powersports.

Yankee Dog:
Ya know. If the bike was what you wanted and the price was excellent.  I think I would have just smiled and kept saying no thank you.  Best not to let such DHs get the better of you. 


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