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Ever since chasing IceCold 4x4 through Cheaha on my harley a couple of weeks ago I've come to realize something is missing from my life - lean angle and handling.

I went and test rode a ducati monster at their demo days last weekend and really liked the bike. I didn't 10K like it but I liked it enough to start perusing craigslist for a nice used model. Does anyone on here have any pointers about buying a duc? Any resounding warnings not to? I prefer the feel of an L Twin or V twin motor compared to an inline so that pretty much leaves me with a duc, a buell or an SV. I've owned a vstrom before and loved it.

Better off looking for an SV1000 or used 1125r? Anyone know of any sweet deals on the horizon?

Aprilia also makes a 750 V-twin and of course there's the old V-twin Touno.  I think Midway Cycles in Madison might have a used Aprilia 750.  If it was me I'd be looking at an SV650.  I had a 99 SV650 and it was a great bike.

lots of options for sporty twins. A well sorted SV could be cheap and fun to ride. I know when I was racing them and doing track days they were a hoot. Also check out some of the original KTM 950/990 bikes.  950 SuperMoto, 990 Super Duke, 990 SMT, etc. Hard to beat those bikes, a nice one can be had for $6-8k and they are pretty durable.

Aprilia V-twin Tuonos. excellent bike with the right looks, sounds, and pedigree.

Ducati- any of the many versions of the Monsters are fun. Newer ducatis are usually better as far as maintenance but friends that have them love them. Not the best if you ride tons and tons of miles every year on it but always fun to ride.

Triumph- maybe see what used Street Triples are going for? 675 triple. Wife had one (the R model) and did some track days. All day comfort, but still a great all around bike. Speed Triple if you want bigger motor, but the 675 version was awesome and had plenty of power for most folks.

I just picked up a 1290 Super Duke-R. stupid fun on a street bike, but easy to ride if you leave the electronics on. :)

I've thought about the SV 650 pretty hard and heavy. That may be the winner just based off availability and it's potential to one day become a track day only bike. The suzuki L twin is a great motor and dead nuts reliable.

Also really love the idea of the speed triple just off the way they sound. I've never ridden one but would jump at the chance. Aprilla's scare me a little bit just based on the cost & availability of replacement parts, although that's probably unfounded.

This won't be an every day bike. I love my harley as a commuter. All that torque and weight makes it an easy ride. Mostly just looking for something to hoon on.

Super duke 990 dunno why I didn't think about suggesting one if those. Hell of a nice bike....


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