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Thoughts on the Ninja 300?

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I haven't had a bike in years and I loved my old Ninja. I've had my eye on a Ninja 300 for quite a while and just curious if anyone here has one or has ridden one and what do you think about it?

I had a 250R first and then a 650 but the 300 looks like it might have the best parts of the 250 with a little bit extra power.

Any thoughts?

I mean just look at that sexy beast . . .

We have a member who has one of these.  JWWR to the courtesy phone.

If I was in the market, I would have to consider the 2016 KTM 390. MSRP $4,999 and that's with ABS.

I'd also consider the Yamaha R3.  If you are looking to buy used then the Ninja 300 is the way to go since it's been around much longer.  If you're buying new then the R3 and KTM390 are also good options.  All three bikes get good writeups in the magazine reviews.

A buddy has a ninja 300 onky negative I found when playing tag on back roads is that the brakes and power are lacking compared to my zrx. Of course the power part I expected. But never thought a 500 lb liter bike would out stop a 300cc bike. I think it's due to only having a single front caliper. Just my. 02


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