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Just got some awesome news!  I'm finally going to be able to afford to get another ride and I am considering a sport touring bike this time.  I've been seriously considering the FJR1300, but I'm still swinging between FJR1300, ST1300, or the Concourse 1400.

My previous bike was a V-Star 1300 and I like it fine, but after riding a while in that "cruiser position" my lower back would start hurting.  I'm hoping with the Sport-Touring the riding position (foot pegs closer under me) will help alleviate the back ache.  Plus I like getting on the gas from time to time  ;D

So post em up and tell me what you like / dislike about your ride.  Help a brotha out cause I need to get it right the first time.  (And yes, I will be test riding each before buying one.)

Go big or go home! Only thing I didn't like was the wind screen. Installed a Puig touring and a MRA X-screen and she is a beaut Clark. I did ride a FJR and it was ok, it felt a little lighter but did not have a solid feel to it nor did it have the torque. There are some quirks such as the KIPASS system and the linked brakes but it just adds to the character. I am very happy with my choice!

I have the second generation fjr. Nice bike and very refined feeling. I bought the bike in Saint Louis and rode it 9 hours home. Not much fatigue in the back. I was just overall tired. The bike has a stock seat with 1 in bar risers. Not sure what year you are looking for but the new fjr is suppose to nicer in the electronics area. For reference I'm 5'11 185 lbs


Nice Goat:
I had an ST1300.  It was a great bike.  I liked it, but I didn't love it.  The seating position was a bit cramped, and I'm only 5'11".  Also, Honda has not redesigned the bike since it was introduced in 2002.  According to their website, the last production year was 2012.  It is very reliable though --- 200k miles is not unusual.


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