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Nice Goat:

Nice group of folks.  Steve, Dean, Dawn, and the rest of the gang are always friendly, helpful, and willing to just stand around and chat for as long as you want.  The occasional open house cookouts are nice also.

Nice Goat:
So, I went by there again today.  I've been back a couple of times since the last cookout, checking out a leftover 2015 KLR650.  I've been on the fence about buying it, but this time, Dean and Steve made me an offer that I could not refuse.

Meet my new handyman, Mr. Greenjeans.

Congrats!  Now be careful.  Those KLRs are beasts that will wheelie at the twitch of your wrist.......just ask kdtrull ;)

Woohoo, Mr. Goat!! Excited for you! And that looks very nice!

Nice! Good to see you back on a dual sport!


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