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 I really hate to bump this thread and all I'm going to do is state what my experience with insurance has been , yours may differ ,                                                                   

My bike will do that, but my insurance company (Progressive) because of exclusion will not pay for damage or pay out pip (personal insurance protection)

 on a closed course (which is what gymkhana would be considered )  most insurance companies will not.  If you mess up your bike and don't get hurt and

turn it in to the insurance company as a parking lot drop with damage or something else you are committing soft fraud and if the adjuster finds  that you

were participating in a closed course event  like gymkhana thru any means they will  deny the claim and/or charge you with fraud. I had  a accident after

participating in a parade on the same street the parade went down over a hour after the parade had ended and my insurance company (not progressive)

found pictures of me in the parade and tried to deny my claim and started the process of charging me with fraud over something that was going to cost

them 2k after my deductible. 

Some major medical insurance also have exclusions and/or limitations. You would have to call and ask 
If I get hurt while [enter your exact hobbies & occupations - example: riding or racing a motorcycle, on a closed course] are there any exclusions or limitations that would deny any claims payments?

 So I practice on my own as I ride

When you sign the waiver it becomes a closed course
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We disagree with your methods. Your bullish approach.

Try promoting it like this.. copied from someone promoting a Gymkhana

Whether you’re a recent MSF graduate or a seasoned motorcyclist, a day of gymkhana riding will endow you with a renewed appreciation of bike control. From steering with your hips, looking ahead to a corner that’s behind you, clutch, throttle and brake manipulation gymkhana manifests all the basic motorcycle skills, then elevates those skills the faster you go. Think of gymkhana as the MSF experienced rider course on steroids, the skills you learn from attending Gymkhana directly translate to regular street riding. Making U-turns, avoiding obstacles, manipulating the controls – all are things you can learn here