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Topic: April 29th: Athens Car and BIKE Show: Entry Instructions for Show Bikes  (Read 291 times)

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« on: April 17, 2017, 09:03:55 AM »
Hey, Everyone!  The Athens, AL Car and Bike Show is coming up on April 29th on Athens' downtown square.  We and the North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club, along with the Huntsville chapter of the CMA will be hosting the bike portion of the show.  For those of you planning to attend, this information will orient you to the overall location, and the bike show area.  For those of you who wish to show a bike (or more!), these maps will both speed up and simplify your arrival and entry into the bike show area.  (Please note that these instructions do NOT apply to anyone bringing a car to the car show--it's only for the motorcycle portion!)

Hope to see you there!

For those of you traveling from locations north of Athens via south I-65 into Athens, follow these instructions:

This is the route to a large asphalt parking lot (Medical Plaza) not used for medical parking that day.  Use this entry route if you are traveling South on I-65. Exit #354 and follow instructions. This will take you to the lot. If there is no one there providing special instructions, continue East Bound on W. Market Street into the show area (approximately 348 W Market St.)

There will be a volunteer to guide you if there is congestion in the unloading area ahead. The volunteers will be in this location starting @ 0630 in anticipation of entry into the event starting @ 0700. Once the unloading sequence starts and goes smoothly, the volunteers will be relieved.
 If there is no volunteer on site and you unload in this parking area, please do not leave your vehicle unattended. Rather, please move it to the designated parking spaces so that others who follow have adequate room to unload their bikes as well.

Southbound Access Map by marc spencer, on Flickr

Southbound Route Instructions by marc spencer, on Flickr

If you are traveling northbound into Athens, follow these instructions:

Northbound Access Map by marc spencer, on Flickr

Northbound Access Route Instructions by marc spencer, on Flickr

Important Additional Information:

- This event will be cash-only.  The show will NOT be able to process credit cards.  So all of us entering bikes in the show will need to bring $20 for each bike we're entering in order to register.  Those arriving between 7 and 9 am will be able to process their entry registration right at the Bike Show site.  Those arriving after 9 am will need to go to the main registration table to register their bike(s).

- There is no multi-vehicle discount.  Each vehicle we enter will cost the same amount:  $20.

-  It is not advisable to register early.  There are no refunds, should the show be cancelled for any reason.  Better is to simply register the day of the event.

- The Wildwood Restaurant on the square will open this year to serve breakfast to any and all.  Additionally, there is a restaurant adjacent to the bike show area, next door to U.G. White's which will be open for breakfast.  We're free to eat wherever we choose.  There will be multiple options for lunch.

This is an exciting show that offers some great prizes, and all of the proceeds go to some very respectable charities helping those in need throughout northern Alabama.

Hope to see you there!

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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 04:15:07 PM »
I am planning on bringing some Royal Enfields over for display. I am pretty excited for the event.

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And we're all excited to see you and the R-Es there, too, Seth!   8)
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