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« on: February 07, 2016, 11:15:23 AM »
Since I haven't found a thread on Trikes here, yet... I figured I'd start one.

This path started in April of '15, when I traded two wheels in for three.  Having a bad knee that keeps getting worse, staring down the barrel of complete replacement surgery, I wanted something I no longer had to hold up.  My sister had picked up a Can Am Sypder, after being diagnosed with Melanoma for the 3rd time, and has been enjoying getting out on the weekends to ride.  I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone... Get something I no longer have to hold up AND get something I could use to spend more time with her.  Never even dreamed that I'd end up liking this thing a LOT more than any bike I've ever owned.

I started with the stock sport model, a 2015 RS, with upgraded shocks and brakes.

Later I added a front trunk liner, 12v power supply in the trunk, RAM balls to each side of the handlebars, ultra touring windshield, Comfort Seat, new version Passenger Backrest, Console Protectors, Can Am Top Box, and now Can Am Saddlebags with bag trim. Next up is highway brackets that are sitting on my shelf, begging to be put on... Saddlebags, backrest, and top box I can remove completely, including the frames, in less than 7 minutes... Going from touring back to sleek factory sport.

I'm HOPING one of the guys here will let me try out their lager monokey top box, on the next group ride, to see how it would fit and work on the existing monokey base.  I could see myself going from a 33 liter top box being adequate to needing more storage, like a 47 liter, but not sure if it'll work with the small clearance to the back of the backrest.

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