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« on: October 03, 2016, 11:19:59 AM »
Putting this here to checkout next time I'm in the area. If you ride there put report here.

 From AL.COM - Across from St. Clair's Bait & Tackle, Grocery and Hardware, a tiny catch-all store at the crossroads of Lowndes County Roads 29 and 40, is a narrow, shaded dirt lane that leads to one of Alabama's best-kept secrets.

Of course, locals in this rural area between Lowndesboro and Montgomery know about the collection of dilapidated buildings, coated in the red-orange of Alabama clay and overgrown with kudzu, but even they don’t know much about its history. Outside of Lowndes County, very few people have heard of the ghost town known as Robinson, or Robinson’s, Switch. <em>(NOTE: Much of the following information is speculation.
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Looks interesting.

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In fact, I have ridden through there and quite by accident

Looking through pictures I see that it was January 2015 when I was exploring Lowndsboro and other areas and a wrong turn put me on the dirt road.

There was a report of the ride in general on the old site, but it focused on Lowndesboro and the historic homes in the area.  However, I did post some video footage of the ride.

The stretch of buildings begins at 4:09 into the video.

The little road had more traffic than I would have expected and I wondered if I could get to the river from there.  Now that I am on my larger bike, I don't know that I would go any further than I did previously, but I know nothing of the area so I appreciate the article.

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The road goes on through and loops back through Lowndesboro. That's one of my favorite hunting spots.