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Alabama Motorcycle Clubs

Alabama Vintage Motorcycles,classic motorcyclesAlabama Vintage Motorcycle Association

The purpose of the Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Association (AVMA) is to promote involvement with vintage motorcycles. All brands of vintage motorcycles are welcome at AVMA meetings and events. The AVMA meets twice a month in  central Alabama

What is a vintage motorcycle? Any brand of motorcycle is eligible for the AVMA so long as it is 30 years old or older.

If you enjoy riding, maintaining or restoring vintage motorcycles then the AVMA may be the club for you. For more information or date/location of the next AVMA meeting contact us at AVMA Facebook Page

FloriBama Riders

The credo of the Floribama Riders is good wholesome clean fun, at a spirited pace. We are a non-profit organization organized in July 1995 to provide an outlet for sport-tourer enthusiasts. If you ride with your arms outstretched, if your body aches after several hours in the saddle, if you like to lean into your turns, or if you like to meet bugs up close and personal, this club is for you. We are now an established club with over 230 members, organized into four chapters:

  • Birmingham, AL (Vulcan Chapter)
  • Georgia (Matatoro Chapter)
  • Pensacola, FL (Coastal Chapter)
  • Tallahassee, FL (Fat Arse Chapter)

To subscribe to the club, register online now. Once you subscribe you will be placed on our e-mail list. From the e-mail list and the this web-page you will be kept informed as to what the club is planning.

Current members request a login

Southern Cruisers

A national club of riders who get together for riding and friendship.  They have several chapters in Alabama, our favorite is the Trussville chapter

Chapter #412 – Trussville, AL


Dixie Divas Riding Club


Masonic Riders / Widows Sons

Freemasons who ride. If you are a Mason, and would like to join this group, simply sign up as a member, introduce yourself, and tell us you would like to join.

The Haints

We are a bunch of dudes with good bone structure that like to hug and get along.  Check ‘em out