Bama Rides 1.0History

Bama Rides was started in 2007 in response to the lack of information and discussion about riding and roads in Alabama.  After a slow start, the community grew into thousands of members and quickly became the largest online motorcycle community in Alabama.  After a devastating server crash in 2015, the members rebuilt the forum, and grew it into what exists today – almost 500 members.  The new leadership decided to take the existing forum in a different direction, and purchased the rights to the content, and moved the database to a new domain.  We wish them well and much continued success.

The Future

The direction of Bama Rides is uncertain at this point, but most likely will lean towards adventure riding, and dual sport motorcycling should be the main focus.  One thing that will not change is the focus on riding.  Look for a social platform beginning in Spring 2018, and sign up for updates below.  If you would like to be involved in the new Bama Rides, or would like more information on the future, please visit the Contact Page.

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