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faunsdale motorcycle rally

Faunsdale Motorcycle Rally – Spring 2009

The Spring Rally at Faunsdale seems to be the cream of the crop. Several membersSetting up at Faunsdale went down during the week (and a few came up) to get the best spots, and decent real-estate was pretty hard to come by on Saturday, when we rolled in. We had about 45 minutes of rain on the way in from Montevallo, drizzling on and off, but never really had to stop to gear up. Upon arrival, we shortly met up with Bryan and Amanda from Mobile who had set up in a high traffic area near the cow pasture.

Mark and Sabrina After pitching tents and dumping gear, we struck out to find the other folks scattered around the place.  We quickly found the Childersburg crowd, Mark and Sabrina who had been down since Thursday (I think).  We got the banner hung out front and cruised around a bit more looking for trouble.

Naked folks walking around at noon became fairly common and less of a surprise the more you saw.  I guess the biggest shock was just how many acted as if they did it every day.  Most folks that have never been to a rally assume that it just naked, drunken rednecks, running around fighting and acting crazy.  This is just a small part.  The charm is the laid-back atmosphere that allows the self expression of nudity, crazy outfits, a acting a fool if that is your thing.  Or just watching folks relaxed and having a good time – that is my thing.


If nothing else, just sitting around a campfire with your friends, drinking a cold beverage, talking about motorcycles, or riding, or the last fools that rode by is certainly worth the journey, and $25 (for the whole 4 days).  As if that were not enough, the Faunsdale Crawfish Festival is less than a mile away, where you can get live music, mudbugs, crawfish pie and even etouffee.   Fortunately for us, a neighbor two tents away gave us a few plates of etouffee they were cooking in a huge cast iron pot – man that stuff was some of the best I ever had.  These folks were from Lousiana (word travels) and they were doing it all right.

If you did not go, you missed a great time, I think that everyone who rides, should go at least once, and Faunsdale would be a good place to start.  More discussion and pics


Faunsdale bike rally

Once again the time has come to polish the bike, load it onto the trailer, haul it down the middle of nowhere, and ride it around in a cow pasture. It does not sound like fun, but of course it certainly is. The fall rally is one of two rallies held every year, and they are always fun. More information can be found about Alabama bike rally and other riding information about Faunsdale, check out the calendar for other motorcycle events in Alabama


Faunsdale Biker Rally – Alabama’s wildest biker event

It has been a weeks since the biggest biker rally in Alabama, and I am still chuckling about what I saw. Oh sure I have seen naked people before, but never on a bike, at midnight, riding around a big, dirt track. That was a real treat. The biggest surprise was the BYOB, and whatever you can put on the back of your bike(or in your RV, or the trailer pulling your bike). That’s right, no rules about beverages, except they do NOT sell alcohol there. So it turned into a quick trip down the road to Demopolis.

This was the single largest rally I have ever been to, and would guestimate 1,500-3,000 campers-RVs, tents etc., plus another 5,000 possibly in/out folks. Hard to gauge the real traffic due to everyone moving around alot, as there was much to see. In addition to the main stage, for music, wet-t contests, etc. there were “community stages” set up out in the village, where the real debauchery took place. Stripper poles surrounded by RVs, nice light-shows, PA systems, and portable tiki-bars with singing automatons. The food was typical festival-type food, but enough to keep you alive.

If you wanted something different to eat, you could ride down the road less than a mile for the Annual Faunsdale Crawfish Festival, going on at the same time.

I would suggest making this a bi-annual trip, I had a blast.

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Faunsdale Biker Rally – Alabama Spring 2008